Allergy Friendly Banana Blender Muffins

allergy friendly banana blender muffins gluten free dairy free egg free nut free

  At my house muffins are a food category all in their own. We LOVE muffins!!! However, with multiple food allergies, good muffin recipes are hard to come by. Well this recipe not only fits the bill allergy wise but these muffins are delicious, super easy to make, and healthy (they have no oil or processed [...]

Breakfast Cookie Bites (Gluten, Dairy, and Nut Free)

Breakfast Cookie Bites Dairy Free Nut Free Gluten Free

  A couple months ago, a friend of mine shared this recipe with me. I changed it up just slightly to fit my family’s food allergy needs, gave it a fun name (to get my picky eater to actually try it), and we pretty much fell in love at first bite! It’s a good thing [...]

Orange Delicious

Dairy Free Sugar Free Orange Julius

  The other day I was craving an Orange Julius and wishing that the recipe didn’t require dairy and sugar. So, I decided to play around a little bit and ended up with something delicious – a dairy free and sugar free version of Orange Julius! Enjoy! Orange Delicious 1 cup orange juice 1 cup [...]

Make a Rainbow Busy Bag Activity + Free Printable!

make a rainbow example 3

Several months ago, I participated in a busy bag exchange in which several other moms and I created busy bag activities and then gave each person a copy of the activity. It was lots of fun! I created this “Make a Rainbow” Busy Bag Pom-Pom activity and it has been a hit with the kids. [...]

What I’ve learned ~ My First 2 Months of Homeschooling

what I've learned the first 2 months of homeschooling copy

Two months have come and gone quickly since I started this awesome adventure called Homeschooling. And though I do have the experience of previously being an elementary teacher, homeschooling brings out its own unique challenges – some that I was not at all prepared for. I’ve learned a lot the past two months – perhaps, even [...]

Sharing Books a New Way

The Saturdays

School recently started for my neighborhood. This year my family decided to do something different again…this year we are not homeschooling. My husband and I enrolled our children in a local charter school instead. I have to admit that I love how cute my kids look in their new school uniforms. I miss them each [...]

Super Simple Granola (gluten free and allergy friendly)

super simple granola gluten free nut free_edited-1

Being gluten intolerant and allergic to nuts makes buying granola almost impossible. Add in the fact that most store bought granola is mixed with processed sugars and I’m even more unhappy. The other day I set out to make a granola that is gluten free, nut free, and made with raw honey and the result [...]

Sweet Treat Green Smoothie (Dairy and Nut Free)

sweet treat green smoothie_edited-1

I LOVE smoothies! Add in some greens to make them even healthier and I am a happy camper! One problem though that I have run into with  smoothies is that they are most often made with dairy or almond milk. Since I am sensitive to both dairy and nuts, I end up having to pass [...]

Let Music Ring


Recently my mother called me to read a newspaper article about piano stores going out of business in the Midwest. The article said that many of today’s parents were not emphasizing music lessons as they had in years past. I have also noticed a trend in my own religious congregation (Latter Day Saint or Mormon) [...]

Love After Happily Ever After

Brent and Aimme's Wedding 024

When I was a teenager I read a lot of romance novels and enjoyed my fair share of Chick Flicks. I noticed a common theme of the male and female protagonists riding off into the sunset happily after their marriage. The stories all seemed to end there. I began to wonder if love existed after [...]